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Our Mission

Our mission is to build an actively antiracist city with families, schools, community members and city leaders come together for education and systemic reforms.


Our Vision

We aspire for Newton to be a racially equitable city where youth and adults exercise personal responsibility for proactively creating an environment where everyone feels valued and connected.  Our institutions will maintain antiracist policies and practices benefitting all those who live, work and learn in Newton.


Our Impact  

Since 2016 FORJ has become the definitive voice in Newton advancing a more just, equitable and proudly diverse city.

Our programs, events, and trainings have sparked conversation and expanded the capacity of residents to have honest, open, proactive dialogue about how we confront racism and celebrate racial, cultural and ethnic differences. 

We have worked closely with nonprofit and community groups, the Mayor, the Superintendent of Newton Public Schools and Newton Police leadership to strengthen our city’s commitment to issues of racial justice and create better experiences for people of color. 

We are proud to have inspired and broadened understanding, empathy and activism for social change within Newton and our school community.

Our Reach

FORJ has grown exponentially each year. Our events are well-attended with participants numbering into the hundreds. In addition, our periodic newsletter is widely-read with subscribers into the thousands.

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