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What is METCO?   

The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) is a state-funded educational program to eliminate racial imbalance by busing children from Boston and Springfield to public schools in suburban communities. METCO is open to all children of African American, Latino, Asian and Native American descent who reside in the City of Boston.

Why Our Support Matters   

The METCO program brings increased diversity to our classrooms and schools, which is critical in preparing students for our 21st century global marketplace and society. METCO creates the possibility for Newton children to have more friends of diverse backgrounds and expand their definition of their community to include Boston neighborhoods. Parents and caregivers get to know one another through their children and the schools’ communities, further expanding our social networks and understanding of the many ways people live in the world.

Participating in METCO represents our city’s commitment to racial justice, including the integration of schools.

How FORJ has been involved:

  • FORJ has supported schools and the Newton METCO director to deepen Newton-Boston family connections. These relationships enable Boston NPS students to stay in Newton for sports, after school clubs and school events.

  • FORJ co-organized a forum on Segregation and Suburban Schools with over 250 attendees.  Panelists explored issues of segregation, the importance of diverse schools, and how the METCO program is improving outcomes for Boston students of color. 


METCO needs your help to:

Support the critical work of Newton's METCO director and counselors. They also need a great deal of philanthropic assistance and political advocacy to ensure the long-term success of this program. Specifically:

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