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We believe that working in partnership is essential to make lasting changes that bring Newton closer to being a racially just city.   


We plan events open to all residents, partner with community groups and various departments within the City of Newton, including the schools and police departments to ensure a racial equity lens is applied to issues affecting our community.

Overdue: Lecture Series

FORJ is a member of this coalition of organizations and individuals that aim to equip and empower our community with the understanding, knowledge, and skills to actively fight racism both in Newton and beyond. 


Overdue organizes and promotes events to provide residents with opportunities to listen, to learn and to act in order to dismantle systemic racism within our city.

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FORJ has numerous collaborations with the Harmony Foundation and the Human Rights Commission to create programming that promotes our shared objectives. 

  • An interactive True Story Theater event where residents were challenged to think more deeply about what it means to live in truly inclusive neighborhoods.

  • A thoughtful cross-racial conversation with leading author Debby Irving and noted blogger Shay Stewart-Bouley. 

Newton Police

Combating racial bias and improving policing in Newton has been a priority for FORJ since its inception. FORJ worked closely with a small committee of black residents who later founded the Newton Coalition of Black Residents (NCBR), to have ongoing dialogue with the police for several years.


Recently, they proposed a four-pronged action plan that includes: Training, Tracking and Assessment, Transparency, and Hiring. 

Support Group


Having elected officials of color is critical for our city and our society. While FORJ doesn’t endorse political candidates, we have created opportunities for people to learn about candidates of color.


FORJ is committed to increasing the diversity of local representatives and ensuring their commitment to race and equity. We also help the city connect to interested FORJ parents and other citizens of color to increase diverse perspectives in city agencies, commissions, and task forces.   

Other Partners Include...

  • Newton Interfaith Clergy Association, a network of spiritual leaders who are committed to building a welcoming Newton in which people from all walks of life can find belonging and community. 

  • Liveable Newton, a coalition of Newton organizations and individuals who advocate for planning and development that makes our city more inclusive, integrated, healthy and sustainable. We want a Newton where anyone can find a safe, affordable home in a walkable neighborhood close to public transportation, schools, shops, services, and recreational open space. 

  • Newton Coalition of Black Residents, a group whose mission is to advance policies and political actions that directly support Black residents in the city’s government, schools and community and to create a network for the primary purpose of advocacy, information sharing and connection in Newton. 

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