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Building a House

Insufficient housing supply coupled with skyrocketing single family home prices have contributed to increasing racial segregation in the Greater Boston area.


Building a variety of housing options and enacting zoning reforms will:

  • Enable more diverse populations to live in Newton.

  • Dismantle barriers to entry that disproportionately affect black, indigenous and all people of color. 

Newton suffers a lack of affordable housing due in part to the high cost of land, challenging zoning and permitting processes, and opposition to multi-family development. 


Newton’s rising housing values disproportionately exclude people of color who experience an opportunity gap caused by centuries of systematic racism through redlining and discriminatory banking practices. Thus, while the high cost of housing is a barrier to people of all backgrounds and races, people of color were deliberately and functionally excluded.

FORJ has:

  • Organized multiple city-wide meetings to help inform the public and lead discussions on the intersectionality of housing and racism.

  • Supported housing advocacy initiatives and local activism.


Our fair housing partner:

  • Engine 6 is an association of Newton residents who advocate for fair, affordable, and diverse housing. They are always looking for like-minded advocates for this work.

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